Light takes on new shapes


The search for exclusivity.

Each fixture is designed, engineered and manufactured by Krea Design in its own seat, obtaining an entirely Italian product, without any compromise in the choice of materials strictly "Made in Italy" and the electronic components of European construction. The constant search for innovative solutions joins the desire to satisfy, in a short time and effectively, the most specific requests, designing exclusive products, able to adapt to any lighting and architectural needs.


Our added value

With Krea Design, lighting goes beyond  mere customization. We offer architects and designers the opportunity to work hand in hand with our technical staff to design a totally custom product that will give a strong, exclusive identity to each space.


Meticulous attention to detail

Fibre optic laser, water jet and plasma cutting are just some of the techniques the company employs to model its products with precision and sophistication.

Each prototype, however, is made exclusively by hand.

Krea Design staff design, develop, make and test each and every sample to guarantee exclusivity, first class quality and personality.


We combine design with technology

Krea Design’s know-how, experience and expertise mean it can create products of outstanding design that embrace the latest technologies.The most recent evolution involves using smartphones for remote control, meaning adjusting light intensity to create an alluring atmosphere can now also done from a distance.     


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